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On my night ritual essentials and pretty, clutter-free nightstands

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I’ve recently stumbled upon a column by Hans Ulrich Obrist for Kinfolk on how he precisely assembles the objects next to his bed including some of his early-bird rituals. He told about how he liked his morning rituals: “They’re a way of liberating time when you’re not online yet”, Obrist explains. He called it ‘delinking’, which, in his opinion, is very important in an ever-connected world.

So every morning when he wakes up he reads a book for 15 minutes. The morning hours and the moments before sleeping are the best moments to read, and I have to agree with him.

This piece got me thinking on how important a night or morning ritual can be in a decade where you are always in a need to connect with everyone around you. It reminds me of my own before-I-go-to-sleep moments, where I’m most of the time still online searching for the web to get inspired, to fall asleep shortly after while a pile of magazines is still waiting to get read. I think it’s time for a serious change now. Less connecting, more breather for the mind.

So what’s a better way to ease your mind than remove all the clutter (read phone, laptop, chocolate bars and hundreds of nailpolishes) to end up with your night necessities? Right, there isn’t. Below I share you my night rituals essentials followed after some perfect nightstand inspiration, to help you start de-cluttering your bedside table and treat your mind on a well deserved rehab.


My favorite books to read before I go to sleep are actually magazines. I’m not really a book-book person… One of my favorite magazines to dive into before I go to sleep is The Gentlewoman. Because, who doesn’t want to read about strong, modern women and how they think and dress, and then dream about it afterwards?


The best ideas comes at night, cliche but so true. That’s why I keep my Moleskine right next to me, you never know when a brilliant hunch comes at you.

Lip Therapy

This is a serious problem, I can’t live without my lipbalm by my side, and now I even can’t sleep without it as well. So before I’m off to hug my pillow, I always treat my lips with some cocoa butter from Vaseline. It’s the best lip therapy out there, I swear.


Stay hydrated, even at night. Luckily I’m not that type of person who has to visit the toilet all night long, so I always drink a glass of water before I’m off to dreamersland to wake up young and fresh. How? Your brain is actually active most of the time while you’re sleeping, busy analyzing and sorting the day’s memories. It also is working out worries and stress, so staying hydrated at night allows your brains to work best, leaving you feeling younger after a good night’s sleep. Surprising ha?

(Pictures via Pinterest & Kinfolk)