What I actually would wear from London Collections: Men SS16

London Collections: Men has just finished and like always, it went way too fast. Somehow I find menswear shows much more interesting, as it is surprising from beginning to end. The designers aren’t afraid to use influences from womenswear as well, taking men’s fashion to a whole different level. I even saw men wearing bikini-tops around their neck, so no boundaries in this one. When I was scrolling through all the shows, I was surprised of how many looks appeared I would actually wear. Just imagine a female body in the garments, and I honestly think we ladies could pull it off, maybe even better than the guys… Take a trip to LC:M SS16 with me, and let me know your thoughts on this! E. Tautz I can’t, this pink jacket is just perfect in every way. Casely Hayford From head to toe, I would wear every single piece. Christopher Shannon Layer game on point. Agi & Sam I would wear their whole SS16 range, but extra points for these white culottes. Need it. Now. …


Light packing for Barcelona

Just a few more days left, and I’ll be reunited with my beautiful Barcelona, basically my second hometown. Since I’ve visited this city in 2007 for the first time, I had this instant connection with the Spanish culture and art, lovely people, the food, shops and, ofcourse, the beach and palmtrees. I’ve always been a citytrip person, but it’s even better to dive into the sea after a rewarding shopping spree. Barcelona combines the best of these two worlds, resulting in annually visits since. What makes my next trip even more exciting, is that THRLD (my online magazine) is invited to cover one of the most anticipated festivals Barcelona hosts every year: Sónar festival. I can’t wait to be part of it, as it is my first time ever partying at a festival somewhere other than my own country, whoohoo #goals. And ofcourse a killer line-up to look forward to: A$AP Rocky, Hudson Mohawke, Jamie xx, BADBADNOTGOOD, Flying Lotus, FKA Twigs and many more. One question left: what do I bring with me? Packing for …


Ungendered outfits with ‘Same Difference’ by Highsnobiety

I’m so moved by this ‘Same Difference’ editorial by Highsnobiety, in which they try to capture ungendered outfits and, are “highlighting both at once the versatility of fashion and a lack of disparity between silhouettes”, as they describe it. If I look at myself, I’ve always tried to look further than the ‘girl’ labeled clothing, and you can find me even more on menswear departments now. And I’m definitely not ashamed of admitting it. As I already explained in a previous interview with OUI BONJOUR, I feel like menswear clothing is more comfortable to me as they have a better fit and a clean look for most of the time. Browsing through menswear clothing also makes me feel unbound as I can decide for myself what I want to wear and how. Luckily the rise of unisex clothing is significant and already here for a while, but then again, it’s labeled as ‘unisex’ clothing. I’ve always been fantasizing in my head about how the world would look like if you had no gender specific clothing. …


Missed out on the Atmos x Reebok ‘Triple White’ Insta Pump Fury? Design your own!

Last Saturday the Atmos x Reebok Insta Pump Fury ‘Triple White’ was released through its Japanse retailer, and just like almost everyone else who wanted to get their hands on them: I missed out on it. Not even due to high demand, but who can order a pair of fresh sneakers on a Japanese translated website anyway? Right, not even worth the risk trying… But I might have found the perfect alternative for you, in case you aren’t familiair yet with Reebok’s ‘Design Your Own‘ customize service. It’s super easy, all you have to do is choose your favorite colors and fabrics, and you’re done. There’s a little side note to it, you can only find them on the menswear department and sizes range from 38,5 to 47. Which can be a little disappointment for the ladies with small feet. Also, if you’re about to order them, take one size down as they have a bigger fit than normal. Now it’s just waiting for them to arrive which can take up 4 to 6 weeks. …


Explore Avvikk’s ‘TUNDRA’ FW ’15 footwear collection

When I came across Avvikk‘s newest Fall/Winter ’15 collection, I immediately fell in love with the Norwegian brand’s footwear. Founded in 2013, the brand draws their inspiration upon literal and metaphorical mobility. This means in their terms shaking off the bounds of traditional footwear and consistently seeking to create innovative designs. With juxtaposing fabrics, colors, patterns and textures as a result. For Fall/Winter ’15 they present TUNDRA, entering a new dimension free of laces. Despite the fact it’s only their second collection so far, it’s super sleek, streamlined and powerful at the same time. They take a hi-tech approach featuring different fabrics from matt black ‘rubber feel’ leather to glossy printed leather, experimenting with new fastenings of velcro, elastics, neoprene and zippers. Besides runners, boots and platform loafer shapes, this collection also includes accessories in the form of metallic clutches and oversized shoulder bags. For now enjoy their stunning visuals by Jana Gerberding down below, and wait till the collection drops in August.